Bonding/Backing Plate Services

OAM operates 4 bonding facilities around the world. Fremont, California serves the North American market, Penang Malaysia covers South East Asia, Singapore is available for fast turn around for the local market, Shenzhen China provides services for domestic China customers and for export.

Key Process and Capabilities are:

  • Worldwide patented Intregene(TM) metallization technology provides true and tanacious bonding to dificcult to bond target materisls such as graphites and ceramic
  • Proprietary ESD (Electronic Static Discharge) cleaning of ultra-high purity carbon target to greatly reduce particle generation during sputtering
  • Large scale BSM (back-side metallization) capability for sizes up to to 1.2 meters in width and 2 meters in length.
  • Bonding of rotatable (cylindrical) targets in many different material families and configuration
  • Zone controlled hot plates for precise control of thermal expansion and solderability
  • C-Scan。 Ultrasonically test equipment to verify bond integrity
  • X-ray radiographic inspection to verify bond integrity
  • Precision machining/joining capability for designing and building backing plates from a variety of materials, such as OFHC Copper, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Molybdenum.
  • Clean room vacuum packaging of assemblies
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