Oryx Advanced Materials' laboratories in Fremont California and Penang Malaysia are equipped with advanced analytical instruments to ensure that every lot of material or alloy meets your specifications。

The composition of our material is tightly controlled and determined by inductively coupled plasma (ICP) Emission Spectrometry and trace elemental impurities by ICP-Mass Spectrometry to <1ppm. The ICP-MS's excellent sensitivity allows the detection of very low levels of impurities, thus ensuring the purity of our products.

Every lot is also tested for interstitial gases (C, O, N, S) utilizing our LECO thermal combustion instruments。

The Scanning Electron Microscope with Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometer (SEM/EDX) allows Oryx to capture detailed images to accurately characterize our products。

Our team of highly trained and experienced analytical chemists and material scientists in both Fremont California and Penang Malaysia are at hand to provide accurate analysis and support to our customers。

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